Soigné Engineering Consultants provides a testing service on a variety of road & building materials to ensure they meet standards including various elements relating to safety. The Laboratory provides a vital service to engineers for both new & existing works, ensuring that materials used will not jeopardise public safety and will provide value for money.

As Independent Quality Control Consultants, we at SEC also maintain and establish a system to control Quality of work being conducted. Quality Control involves Onsite Supervision of Material being used and conducting tests regularly as per desired frequency so as to ensure that material being used is fit for construction and fulfils all requirements. Also field laboratories at many sites are also under operation to conduct various quality control tests.

Typical Services:
  • Cube Testing
  • Soil Testing
  • Bitumen Testing
  • Aggregate Testing
  • Core Cutter Test
Project Types:
  • Lab CBR Test
  • Marshal Stability Test
  • Cement Test
  • Other Construction
  • Material Testing