Geotechnical investigation includes surface exploration and subsurface exploration of a site. Sometimes, geophysical methods are used to obtain data about sites. Subsurface exploration usually involves soil sampling and laboratory tests of the soil samples retrieved.

Geo-technical Investigation is primary requirement for Civil Engineering Structures. SEC has sufficient experienced personnel for conducting tests, data interpretation & analysis. SEC has in-house laboratory, and necessary equipments. SEC also specializes in conducting Electric Resistivity Test (ERT) for Soil & Ground Water Table.

Typical Services:
  • SPT/DCPT Test
  • Plate Load Test
  • Pile Load Test
  • Field Density Test
  • Soil Resistivity Test
  • Field CBR Test
Project Types:
  • Building Works
  • Road Project
  • Railways
  • Airports
  • Marine Projects
  • Other Infrastructure Projects