Soigne Engineering Consultants

Soigne Engineering Consultants (SEC) provides civil engineering and architectural services, i.e. surveying, architectural & structural design, public health, pavement designs and construction quality management services to public and private sector throughout India. We place the highest value on teamwork and mutual respect among our employees and between SEC and our clients. Our success is the result of working diligently as a team to do each job right as well as maintaining a long-term perspective and integrity in the face of daily pressures. The value of our services is derived from our commitment to produce consistently high quality work within the constraints of the client's schedule and budget.

SEC is an independent private professional organization able to provide wholly independent professional and technical services to all concerned with the quality and performance of materials by providing consultancy, quality management, testing and inspecting services on construction industry materials, practice and processes. We are well versed with the field of survey and material testing and are equipped with all modern techniques and equipments required in today's era.